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Stop Self Sabotaging and Start Achieving

Stop Self Sabotaging and Start Achieving

This is a Podcast about all things Entrepreneurs, Business Development, Personal Growth, Mindset, Mum Life and anything else that may spring to mind. WARNING! I swear, I say it as it is, and I have ZERO filter, sorry not sorry!

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Light at the end of the tunnel

Aug. 2, 2022

It all came good in the end. Nurturing, Kindness, Caring and Giving WAY to much to even comprehend. Trigger warning, a small snippet of the Domestic Abuse journey I encountered, and how I stepped into my POWER and turned the…

Love to Loss, Breakdown to Empowered

July 17, 2022

Journey of love to loss! Mental health! Motherhood! Career!

Young Entrepreneur- Miss Independent

July 10, 2022

Join my community, find me on socials This episode is a brief insight into my earliest memory of being entrepreneurial, recalling the days of the face that didn't fit, when the nurturing bega…